We love cooking, and people love our food. My Father started serving quality Continental food in the city back in the 70’s. Tested and proven in the heart of Manhattan, we decided to expand and share our love of food with you. Now, the legacy of my Father continues in Pleasantville and New Rochelle. When you want fresh authentic Greek food with a twist, Tzatziki is where it’s at.



Fay Nanakos, co-owner along with her cousin Billy Kokoronis, co-owner and chef can be found at the store daily. They bring interesting and complimentary culinary backgrounds to the table. Fay and her husband, George Nanakos, are longtime restaurateurs. They have owned and operated restaurants in the region for years. Billy was formally trained at the Culinary Institute of America and went on to work in various kitchens during his culinary career climb. Opening a place like this has been his lifelong dream. Also, on the team is business partner Dimitri Toumaras who has contributed his expertise in technology.

Together Fay and Billy make an ideal duo. Their backgrounds give them quite an edge! One streamlines the front of the house while the other manages the back of the house. They are both hands-on to ensure consistency. Their vision, now a reality, strives for Greek food with a flair for what people love! They take a traditional Greek dish and add a couple more bells and whistles aiming to tantalize and be memorable. They have done this successfully with many signature appetizers, entrees and desserts. They also supplement the menu with weekly specials that have made a lasting impression on customers thus far.